Thursday, 6 March 2014

#ToMB month 1 part 1 The Feng Conundrum

So the decision was made and the models pulled from the far reaches of my ‘to do’ cupboard and placed upon my painting train.
Who do we have? Well Mei feng herself followed by Kang 3 rail workers, Emberling and 6 spiders which I have decided to run as 1 swarm and 3 little scamps.
I have put together the bases, well more precisely ripped them off their bases and then have fancied them up with a very original and inspiring industrial rail working setting.

They have had a lick of paint, and have begun my 5 process paint scheme . . . which is
Under coat, base colour including detail, wash, dry brush and or high light. I know, very impressive set of ‘skills’ there. Unfortunately I am not talented with a brush and the difference between spending half an hour on a model and 10 hours is very little. At this point the Emberling is finished, bar painting the base and the rest of the crew are going through the base coat stage.

Game wise, haven’t even touched her yet although I may try her out this weekend (08/03/14) I’ve read through her rules and am still not convinced, but table time has a way of putting things into perspective.
Kang on the other hand looks pretty meaty, rail workers look fairly solid for 5 stones. Emberling looks like a useful anchor for Mei to bounce off. Spiders? Well they are always useful.

 I hope to get pics up at some point, but with just a shitty camera phone and a technical ability on par with a cave man this maybe a more laborious task that I originally anticipated.

Anyway I shall sign off and hopefully the next update will include pictures and tactical brilliance . . . .

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Week 0 oh look another faction

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers

So here we go, I am joining in with this tale of Malifaux malarkey as a way to a, get some more of my models painted and b, an excuse to play another faction.

 So my declared master will be . . . . . .  emphatic drum roll . . . .. 

 Mei Feng
Reasons behind this are two fold, my wife reminded me that Mei was a Christmas present last year and I have never used her and b I couldn’t decide who to use and Ben (@Psientologist on twatter) suggested I use the industrial kung fu bitch. (*disclaimer* not exact quote)
So no real gaming reason behind the choice but I am beginning to try and improve on my basing techniques and she has a fairly obvious and simple route to take (there goes my old train set) which should help me improve upon it.
Fortunately I own most of the models I intend to use for her to start with, which are;
The Rail Crew (Mei Fengs box set) $35
Arachnid Swarm $12

Leave me with 13 bucks to roll on to next month which I intend to pick up the Rail Golem, but that may change once I have got her onto the table.
Pretty short intro to start with but when I get a chance I will throw up some starter shots of my crew.

p.s shameless plug alert, if you have nothing better to do check out the Isle of Faux podcast where Oz (@Oathius on twitter) and I ramble on about shit, usually to do with Malifaux (I’m sure ep7 when it comes out will mention some of my ‘progress’ or lack there of)